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Over the decades, HR has changed to become a strategic business player and partner when it comes to organizational effectiveness and business strategy. At HRIS, we offer a variety of HR consulting servicesand customized solutions that will help companies drive their organization effectiveness by aligning people processes with strategic business priorities through the development of strategies, practices, and policies.

This will be achieved by:

  • optimizing their HR management and workforce performance with the aim of having the right people and skills, at the right place and time, for the right cost; and
  • keeping their talent focused, motivated and in touch with the latest relevant best practices.

How We Do It

  • By helping organizations optimize their labor cost while increasing workforce productivity. This will be achieved through human capital analytics which will help:
    • identify critical skill needs required for the business,
    • determine the most effective recruitment scheme and talent mix,
    • determine the right level of total investment in the workforce, based on financial and talent needs as well as on performance and goals,
    • determine how to allocate reward spend across different workforce segments (across functions, positions, age groups, performance levels, skill sets and locations).
  • By helping companies adopt and nurture a performance‐based organizational culture which will eventually result in an increase in employee productivity, by:
    • constantly communicating with employees,
    • aligning them with the organization strategic goals and what role they play in achieving them,
    • setting clear performance targets and objectives, and
    • creating a trusting environment in which employees can grow and develop, and where high performing team members are rightly rewarded.

Why Choose HRIS?

We believe in business‐driven HR, and in its role in and impact on the overall business strategy and objectives. This is why we will work closely with your team to make sure we understand your business and your long‐term expectations and commit to deliver and help implement customized solutions and strategies that will meet the specific needs of your company and complement its broader vision and approach.

Regional Coverage

HRIS services cover mainly the Middle East region: Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine), GCC (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Yemen) and Africa (namely Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.), in addition to any associated subsidiary outside of AME. For more info, contact us.


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