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The current economic slowdown and the resulting disruption of industries is forcing most organizations these days to undergo an ongoing state of organizational flux. Frustratingly, not all organizations get it right the first time, because they fail to take into consideration the many components of an organizational redesign and do not go beyond the “lines and boxes” of their organizational structure (organigram).

The organizational redesign of a company must match its strategic goals and must therefore involve the integration of the structure, the processes that people follow, the management of individual performance, the recruitment of talent, and the development of employees’ skills, to support the implementation of the business strategy.

We will help you assess where your organization is currently standing prior to any redesign in order to identify the right blueprint for your company, as well as establish metrics that measure short and long‐term success.

A well thought through and executed organizational redesign pays off quickly with minimal disruption to the business, better‐motivated employees and a stronger bottom line.

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