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Executive pay includes both financial compensation and other non‐financial benefits received by a top‐level executive in an organization.

In a market where the demand for top talent exceeds the supply of the labor pool, the compensation package needs to be competitive for your industry and company size.

Local businesses (small and medium‐size companies) mistakenly believe they cannot compete with the executive plans that large companies, local or international, offer to their Executives, such as long‐term incentives plans (in the form of company shares). But there are always creative ways to compete with those offerings without negatively impacting your bottom line. Our role is to help you design a tailored executive rewards program based on external compensation data collected from similar organizations (size, industry, market), while ensuring total alignment with your overall business requirements and talent strategies, with minimal impact on budget. 

Attracting top level executive talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Well‐shaped competitive executive compensation plans will help you attract, motivate and retain your top leaders who are essential for the longterm success of your organization.

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